Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God?
this question is a very important question to all Christian people.
cause the Christian believe that Jesus is God...while the Muslim believe that Jesus is only a Messenger.

well i will deliver some points which will show that Jesus is not God and he is only a Messenger.

1. Not even a single statement from jesus said his god or worship me

2. The nearest is book revelation"im alpha and omega"

3. Jesus always the 2nd person in the trinity

4. 3 cannot superimpose in 1 page(is about which Christian believe that their god have 3 forms)

5. Those 3 dont share same knowledge(Jesus admit he didn't know the end of days)

6. Islam beleive that say human is god is a trusion against god
"who ever said jesus the son of mary is god is a trusion against god"

7. God does not beget

8. The terms "son of god" in bible dont acctually meaning son of god.

9. Christian beleive that Jesus begotten by God

10. If any christian says the Jesus is the father is ancient hierachy
that condem by roman catholic if he not the father means he is not the God

11. Jesus is not the fater..Jesus says that in his statement"call no men your father on earth which there are only one which in heaven"

12. What god is not? in Islam >>anything that u imagine or see is not him
Christian >>job(cp 25 vs4-6)how then can man be justified with god? how that he can be clean that is born of a woman"(anyone that born from a woman can NEVER BE A GOD)
when even the moon is not bright and the stars are not impure in sight
how much less is man who is but a maggot-and the son of man who is only a worm.(Son of man is refer to Jesus)

13. 83 times jesus been address as son of man only 13 times address as son of god.

14. when he was 8 days old he was circumsised.and named jesus by angel when was in his mother womb

15. God cant create another god(the idea of Jesus begotten)

16. Jesus got power to do miracle where did he get it? from god in heaven(with statement from Jesus when he perform a miracle he says "Glory to God for giving such power onto Men"

17. If jesus is God and he ate food? when ate food means got call of nature,did god do this kind of stuff?

18. The most shortest verse in bible is? Jesus wiped. God wiped?

19. Suppose to be at the cross,Jesus said "oh lord,oh lord why have you forsaken me?"<

If we study back Christian are is one religion which fanatic to a man named Jesus.They believe that this prophet perform a miracle because he was a God.
While Muslim believe he perform a miracle by God permission cause we Muslim
certainly knows that Prophet are men that close to God and being sent to show us the right path.
Any prophet wont lies so do Jesus,Thats why he never claim himself to be God at anytime or anywhere.