Sunday, June 12, 2011

My wife cost me 1.4 million

yeah...that's what cost me...
but for a nice lady I don't mind =)
she just too... everything!
one day you will be staying with me darling~
Her name is Ferrari 458 Italia

I love you so much baby!

really hope can change the gearbox to manual XD

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Disclaimer

Salam guys...

so here aku nak disclaim few things...ahaks!
gaya mcm buat jahat an...x ler...nak disclaim few things dlm life ni

I do not OWNED anything in this world...not even my body and life...
everything that is assume is mine is actually not mine...
My life,my body,my house,my money,my brother,my mom,my father, EVERYTHING is not mine...
it has been lend to me from my LORD who is ALLAH S.W.T...

I don't regret I do not own any degree or high level qualifications..
I don't regret I don't make lots of money

cause now I understand HE the one who lend all those stuff to us...and HE deserve to choose anyone that he appointed to have those things.

Learn to appreciate that HE lend us our life even if it's for a second...
The only way to repay all this things being lend is by keep the law in commandment..
Do what ever HE told and leave things that HE don't allow..
Simple as that...but how many of us can do such a simple things?
Everything can be taken away if HE wanted to....We don't own anything and matter of fact HE the one OWNED us...
To understand this simple basic things lots of test have been given to us...yet lots of us fail to succeed...
HE give us lots of chance YET we still make the same mistake...

Prophets has been sent to us so we can learn from their example how to reach salvation
yet we ignore it....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Atleast Salah Satu @@

so..tajuk dia pun salah satu la kene ada sekurang-kurang nyer..

ia berkaitan ngan tackle pompuan sbnrnye..wakakakakaka!
pendapat aku je la...oleh sebab pendapat aku ni laaa aku just mampu tgk jer la gadis2~

so...benda yg kene ada sekurang2 nya lepas korang dah ada rasa ikhlas nak kat girl 2


ada salah satu di atas..lebih lagi bagus...korang dah leh ada confident untuk tackle pompuan korang ske...

kalo nak harapkan rasa ikhlas je...bagi aku x payah laa...ikhlas sume org leh offer.

but the other bonus 2...hoho!